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Billy comes to visit
I've always been very much in favor of alternatives to clinical bording. If at all possible it is best to leave a cat with someone who will provide the same diet, liter familiarity, activities and available seclusion for sleep. Most cats will find a place to hide until they feel completely comfortable with their surroundings but some are the exception like my buddy below.

Billy was with us for 3 days and provided us with some great entertainment and the seperation from his humans didn't seem to stress him in the least. Although once he got home, I'm told he slept and slept. Too much 'cat scanning' going on here for sleep. =^..^=

Here are some pictures of the fun he had.

Captain Sam
One of the most beloved cats to enter in to our zone was a white and golden beauty named Sam. Sam came to be part our circle by way of being rescued when a family member had to vacate their home and could not take him with them. So as luck would have it, there was plenty of room for him at a cousin's mountain home.

Sam was not originally accepted as a very lovable cat. It wasn't seen immediately what a great cat he was because there was an indoor cat that was #1 in the household. Sam would be welcomed in the house at night but during the day he was happy outside investigating his new surroundings and loving the mountain life wilderness. He made his way around the property learning smells, trees and some of the other wildlife on the property.

One of the fondest memories of Sam was how he loved sitting at the controls in the boat. It was very common to come home and find him sitting under the boat cover at the steering wheel with an expression of being on the high seas. Like all cats, he had a way of communicating with his eyes and his vocal expressions. That is how he earned the rank of Captain. =^..^=

Sam had some un-catlike characteristics that are known of the common cat. But if it hasn't been stated yet Sam was not a common cat. Special doesn't begin to describe him. He was sophisticated, loyal, sneaky, and cooperative and he was the self appointed care taker of all living creatures around him. He loved getting bathed (I know can you believe that?) and he enjoyed riding. Whenever it was possible he would sneak in to the back of a bronco that he loved. The spare tire in the back of that bronco was perfect for him to sit in, curl up in and on really fun days, hide in while listening to his human and those in the neighborhood call his name in their effort to find what they thought was a lost cat =^..^= . Oh yes, that was fun indeed.

Sam finally, after a brief period of time, became a very treasure companion. He made his way inside the house where he became an almost exclusive house cat. He was loved by everyone that met him and in return it's believed he loved them back. Oh Sam was a very wise cat - he knew how to be coy and would take advantage every opportunity to play the Sam vs. whomever game. He was always able to beat 'Q' who was a regular visitor. Every time she came by whether for a quick cup of coffee or for an overnight visit, Sam knew exactly when to make his move to get out of the condo and find a tree to quickly climb and then sit and grin as his humans and guests made their way up the tree. The most fun of that was just as the ladder or chair would touch the tree, down Sam would come and inside the house he would go laughing all the way. I know because I heard him laugh on more than one occasion in one of these late night excursions.

It was rare in winter months to have a roaring fire and not find Sam as close to the flames as possible. One time when he got up as he was walking away from the fireplace, we noticed steam coming from him. He was a walking heat source after a snooze in front of the fireplace. Remember I told you that he liked to get a bath? One night after having a bath his human fell asleep in front of the fireplace as Sam was frolicking and tongue drying himself. Sam, seeing his human in such a perfect position, decided lying on his human in front of the fireplace was an opportunity that he could not let pass him by. So as he climbed on his human's chest and circled a couple of times before lying down, he too fell fast asleep as the fire was keeping them both warm. As they slept the logs in the fireplace burned down to embers. Sam didn't mind, he had the heat of his human to keep him warm but still being wet, his human awakened saying he was colder than he had ever been as Sam had completely dried in front of the flames and had sucked away all of his body heat.

There are many stories and memories of Sam. He left his earth vessel on February 9th 2006 but his spiritual vessel is all around us. We are so grateful that Sam allowed us to be part of his life, that through no fault of his, he came in to a circle of family and friends that embraced him, cherished him and will forever feel him in the room.

Some pictures of Sam and his human are below.

Sam relaxing catnapping
playing with sister humanizing